Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Medical Fees

With OHIP Card: Free
Non-OHIP Visits: $160
Cortisone: $40+ per injection
Hyaluronic acid: $500 per injection
*covered by most insurance plans

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GP Practicing in Sports Medicine

Dr. Saif Shamshoon

*In Person Appointments in Toronto

Our Sports Medicine division at Infinity Health Centre is an integral part of our multidisciplinary approach to collaborative health care.  Our Sports Medicine Physician specializes in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of orthopedic and sports related injuries and will often collaborative with our rehab team to ensure your fastest recovery.

Following a comprehensive physical assessment, and when required, advanced diagnostic imaging, our Sport Medicine doctor will formulate a diagnoses and recommend the appropriate treatment plan. Treatment plans may involve a referral to a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon, injections or medications, but more often than not, our in house rehabilitative service such as physiotherapy, massage therapy and/or chiropractic care are your best path to a full recovery.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment With A  Sports Doctor?  

To see our Primary Care Sport Medicine Physician, simply have your Doctor fax or email a referral to 416-504-2009 or with all relevant tests and information. As soon as we receive the referral, we'll call you to schedule an appointment. Unfortunately, without a referral, we are unable to schedule you an appointment with our Primary Care Sport Medicine Physician.

I Am Not An Athlete And/Or Do Not Have A Sports Injury, Can I Still See A Sports Doctor? 

Yes! Our physician’s practice is not limited to athletes only. We assist many people resume regular activities of daily living and restore function in areas which have been injured acutely or over time.

Can I Make An Appointment If I Don't Have An OHIP Card or If I Am From Out Of Town/Country?

Yes! We welcome the opportunity to help all those visiting and those who live abroad. We have helped patients from over 50 countries around the world and can provide you with all the paper work needed for your insurance. However, without a valid OHIP card, each medical visit will costs $160.

I Think I Need Surgery, Is The Sports Medicine Doctor Qualified To Perform Surgery?

Our Primary Care Sport Medicine physician specializes in non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. However, he is able to provide an assessment of your condition and suggest non-surgical management with therapy and injections or refer you to an Orthopedic surgeon with whom he works with closely.

Will My Private Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Injections?

Yes! Private insurance plans will cover the cost of injections for cortisone, and the vast majority cover hyaluronic acid as well. If you are uncertain, email us at and we can provide you with a Drug Identification Number (DIN) for the specific medications pertaining to your insurance company so that you can confirm coverage.

My Doctor Ordered Some Tests, Will I Be Called?  

Do not assume that no news is good news. If any tests have been ordered by your doctor, you should book a follow-up appointment 7 days later to review the results. If your condition worsens or changes, while waiting for test results, please book an appointment with any of our doctors so that we may reassess your condition or if needed, suggest a visit to your local ER. Our front desk admin is awesome, but they won’t be able to offer you medical advice and they do not have access to your medical records/chart.

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