Why Do I Always Get That ‘Afternoon Crash’ ?

By: Dr. James Yoon ND

Do you find it difficult to concentrate in the afternoon? Feeling tired, anxious, nervous, or depressed? Chances are your lunch may have something to do with it! When you eat a large lunch that is high in carbohydrates like pasta, breads, or sugars like in juice and pop, your body quickly digests and absorbs these foods very quickly, leading to a sharp spike in your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. A sudden spike in blood sugar will give you instant energy and make you feel energetic and almost hyper. In response to this influx, your body will signal the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin’s acts as a chemical messenger that tells the body’s cells to take in the extra glucose from your bloodstream. The problem, however, is that your pancreas almost always overestimates how much insulin to release, and the result is that too much glucose is removed from your blood. This results in a blood sugar crash, or very low blood sugar levels.

When you eat whole grains rich in fibre, the digestion of the carbs will be slowed down. This means that your blood sugar will rise slowly as a result of eating these foods. Replacing all refined carbs with whole grains and incorporating protein and other fibre-rich food sources will make your blood sugar rise and fall slowly, which is the way nature intended, and leading to more consistent energy levels.


Using Naturopathic Medicine to Support Your Energy:

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