Latest News

  1. We are now OPEN SUNDAYS!!!

    We are always striving to make your health care more accessible and more convenient.

    We are now open every Sunday 10am-3pm to better serve you.

    Tuesday, February 04
  2. Toronto's Top Walk-In Clinics

    BlogTO recently posted an article: The Top 10 Walk-in Clinics in Toronto...we are honoured to be ranked #2 in Toronto....but rest assured, we promise to be ranked #1 in 2014.


    We currently offer: a rapid access medical scheduling system, on-site blood and lab services, on-site Pharmacy, on-site Medical Specialists, and our doctors are currently accepting patients for Family Medicine.


    Stay tuned for even more surprises in 2014!  

    Monday, November 25
  3. Extended Health Benefits Are Expiring Soon!

    Most workplace extended health benefits will expire on Dec 31st 2013. Don't miss your opportunity to finally receive the treatments you've been needing all year. We currently offer Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy from 8am-8pm, 6 days a week!!  

    Monday, September 16
  4. Patient Appreciation BBQ

    Thank you Downtown Toronto for an amazing 2 years!!! On September 5th, the entire community is invited to our annual Patient Appreciation BBQ from 12pm-3pm at the clinic. Come hungry and bring your friends.

    Thursday, September 05